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Top 8 largest accessories market in Saigon

  • Saturday, Day 23/05/2020
  • Have you ever wondered where the clothes, fashion accessories, handmade items are sold on the internet where they will be before they lie shimmering, beautiful in fashion stores and then to consumers? have you used it? Let's follow us to discover the interesting addresses of selling accessories, also known as the "secret" of Saigon shop selling offline!

    1. Soai Kinh Lam Cloth Market

    Located on Tran Hung Dao Street (District 5, Ho Chi Minh City), Soai Kinh Lam Cloth Market , also known as Dong Khanh Department Store, is widely known as the cheapest and oldest fabric retailing market in Saigon. .

    Soai Kinh Lam Cloth Market existed for a long time in Saigon and the market name is named after a shop on Chinese street. This is the cheapest famous market in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City with all kinds of rich fabrics and diverse colors, and become a favorite place for women when choosing apparel fabric. It is true that the fabric's paradise, stretching from the beginning to the end of the fabric road is everywhere, on the stalls that lie close together. The market is clearly subdivided: spandex fabric, khaki fabric, shirt fabric, long dress fabric, ... All colors, all materials and the smell of new aromatic fabric makes the nose become very bustling here. .


    • Address: 46 Trần Hưng Đạo, 14, District 5, Ho Chi Minh
    • Price: Ranges from VND 50,000

    Soai Kinh Lam Cloth Market


    2. Le Minh Xuan Street Fabric Market, Tan Binh District


    Not overwhelmed as Soai Kinh Lam, Le Minh Xuan Street fabric market carries a modest appearance, the goods here are mostly gathered from fabric goods. Unlike other markets with large area or ground, Le Minh Xuan litchi market is located in the houses around the market, but it attracts a large number of young people intending to do business. Handmade or want to start up the garments. Although the market is not large, the product is quite diverse, you can find many simple hot patterns today to hand sew a few cute shirts. At Le Minh Xuan you can also buy extra fabric that is sold by weight at a very cheap price, you can freely buy it and try your hand at it.


    You can easily find many extremely cute handmade products such as bracelets, leather straps, beads, pendants or necklaces, lace, sewing needles, fabric flowers ... this is considered a handmade paradise for young people.



    • Address: Le Minh Xuan Street, Ward 7, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh
    • Price: Ranges from VND 50,000

    Le Minh Xuan Street Fabric Market


    3. Dai Quang Minh Market

    It can be said that no young people love handmade products but do not know Dai Quang Minh market This market is located just a crossroads of Soai Kinh Lam cloth market, the main gate in Chau Van Liem (District 5). It can be said that this is a paradise for handmade accessories. You can easily find what is the bracelet, leather strap, beads, fabric flowers, sewing needles, lace, ribbon, ... with extremely cheap price. So, this is also the address to get the favorite raw material source of handmade shops in Saigon.


    The materials related to apparel here are extremely diverse and plentiful. Due to the limited nature of domestic production, the accessories here are mainly imported from China to our country for wholesale and retail distribution to customers. The first impression to attract tourists to Saigon when coming to Dai Quang Minh is the towering fabric stall with many types and colorful. Any kind of fabric can be found at this market. Therefore, it is not difficult to recognize that the regular customers of the fabric shops are the owners of tailor-made fashion shops and sometimes famous designers.


    • Address: Đại Quang Minh Market, 31 Châu Văn Liêm, ward 14, District 5, Hồ Chí Minh
    • Price: Varies from VND 5,000

    Dai Quang Minh Market, District 5

    4.Kim Bien Market

    Kim Bien market is known as a small center distributing components, accessories and chemicals. Despite its small size, the market still has all kinds of accessories, especially beauty accessories for women such as hair jewelry, glasses, souvenirs, ... are sold at wholesale prices. Wholesale items here are not second-hand goods, but secondhand items that are just common for accessories, ring jewelry.

    Besides, this is also a paradise for all kinds of phone cases, sunglasses, bags, teddy bears, etc. Just like in other wholesale markets, the prices of these items are surprisingly cheap. However, small traders here still prefer wholesale to retail, so if you need to buy retail, the price will be a bit higher, but calculated, it still saves bored compared to buying at online stores, huh!


    Address: Van Tuong, Ward 13, District 5, Tp. HCM
    Price: ranges from 5,000 VND


    Kim Bien Market
    Kim Bien Market
    Kim Bien Market

    Kim Bien Market

    5. Hoa Hao leather market

    Have you ever thought about buying yourself a very special handmade leather bag? Or are you still thinking because leather usually has a high price? If so, you should choose to go to Hoa Hao street - a place full of leather, simili, plastic, ... without missing anything to serve the needs of designing your own "dream" leather item. There are two areas where you can buy leather goods: Hoa Hao - Ly Thuong Kiet crossroads and Au Co street.

    Just passing by can see the leather or leather is rolled into each roll higher than the head, all colors, different categories. Leather items here are sold in units of nia, 1 nia only cost a few tens of thousands. Fragments of leather are sold by weight at a cheap price, and even though they are called crumbs, let these pieces of leather make bracelets, watch bands or squeeze because there is more than enough power!



    • Address: Hoa Hao, Ward 7, District 10, Ho Chi Minh
    • Price: Ranges from VND 50,000
    Hoa Hao leather market
    Hoa Hao leather market
    Hoa Hao leather market
    Hoa Hao leather market

    6. Area opposite Architecture University


    If all of the above options are frustrating because of the remote location (mostly concentrated in the Q5 area), or you don't have the need to buy wholesale or buy in bulk, then the range of stores In front of University of Architecture on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 3 will not make you disappointed.

    The most famous is Ty Phuoc, which sells all kinds of stationery for you to draw and create. From brushes to crayons, books, covers, even interesting coloring books are all here. Trading here is very comfortable, you can go to choose and then take out the counter, not limited or bosses "glare" where.

    • Address: 196 Pasteur, ward 6, Ho Chi Minh, ward 6 District 3 Ho Chi Minh
    • Price: Starting from VND 15,000
    Photo mjinh illustration
    Photo mjinh illustration
    Area opposite Architecture University

    Area opposite Architecture University


    7. BÀN CỜ market

    Bàn cờ market has long been famous in Saigon by selling a variety of products to serve the needs of people. If you are planning to start a clothing business, remember to come here, you will find lots of great things.

    Although the area for sale is quite small with only three or four stalls and located in the same market, this place still attracts many young people. The fabrics here are very quality, the designs are unique and do not overlap with other areas, so be assured that your designs will not overlap the texture. The sales people here are very funny, often chat and advise customers very enthusiastically, sometimes you easily forget to choose things and sit down to chat with them!

    • Address: Alley 664 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 3, Ward 3, District 3
    • Price: Ranges from VND 50,000
    Chess board market

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