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  • 1. I want to know about the price and how to order?

      About the price and order, please kindly contact directly to sales department of our company (+84 28 3515 7095)

  • 2. What is the Airgun? How to use it?

      Air gun is a portable, lightweight and operated labeling device with the air compressor which increases the automation of the production line.
      It can be used in many different applications by adjusting it vertically or horizontally, etc. according to the shape of the object and working environment.
      Needle and piston lengths can be ordered on request.

  • 3. Could you please show me which Tag Pin is suitable for each type of gun?

      US Pin will be used for Bano'k 503S, Bano'k 503SL, VP Tool Pro S, VP Tool Pro SL, VP Tool S.
      There are some pin types can not be used with the long needle gun (Bano'k 503 SL, VP Tool Pro SL). Please read the detail in product page of Tag Pin.

      UX Pin will be used for Banok 503X, Bano'k 503XL, VP Tool Pro F, VP Tool Pro FL, VP Tool F.
      There are some pin types can not be used with the long needle gun (Bano'k 503XL, VP Tool Pro FL). Please read the detail in product page of Tag Pin.

  • 4. What is the difference between Ito Lox and Ito Lox R?

      The two products are different at the beginning of head part. Ito Lox has a square shape head part and can be pierced from both sides and Ito Lox R's head part looks like a rugby and can only be pierced from one side.

      However, the head part of ITO LOX R looks more delicate and perfect than the traditional shape of Ito Lox.

  • 5. What is the difference between the VP Tool Pro and Bano'k 503?

      Bano'k 503 attaching tool is 100% imported from Japan with modern technology which is the attaching tool line that many famous brands are trusting and using. VP Tool Pro is launched in 2020, manufactured in Vietnam but following the high technology of  Japan, still gain high quality standards.

  • 6. What is the different between Eco-friendly fasteners with the others ?

      Eco-friendly String Fasteners (Bio Ito Lox R Cotton, Bio Futo Ito Lox ...............) are made of environmentally friendly materials that help to protect the environment. The products are made of Organic Cotton, hemp and even paper materials (Kami Ito Lox) have a shelf life of 3 years and the decomposition time is up to 10 years.

  • 7. What material i should choose for plastic fasteners? Nylon or PP ?

      Depending on the your purposes, you will choose the appropriate type of plastic fasteners. With the products which is exported to countries with cold climates, the plastic fasteners will be brittle.

      Nylon is a heat resistant material which can prevent brittle and suitable to hang tags for products exported to the US, Canada, Finland .....If you dont' export your products to cold country, you should use PP material.

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