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Textile technology pickup to accelerate

  • Saturday, Day 23/05/2020
  • Access to modern equipment and technology as well as increasing the localization rate of raw materials for textile enterprises is a good solution to reduce labor and improve product value.


    Textile technology welcomes technology to accelerate - Photo 1.

    Visitors to VTG 2019 will access the world's latest inventions in the textile industry



    Export imprint

    According to the General Department of Customs, the export of textiles in the first 9 months of 2019 increased by 9.6% over the same period last year, reaching US $ 24.61 billion, a record result ever. . 

    Notably, most of the main export markets are on the rise. 

    Specifically, after three-quarters of the way of 2019, the United States is still the largest textile and apparel import market from Vietnam with a value of $ 11.21 billion, up 8.7% over the same period of the year. accounting for 45.5% of the country's total textile and apparel export turnover. 

    Japan consumed US $ 2.91 billion, up 4.2%; EU market (28 countries) is 3.22 billion USD, up 4.6%; South Korea consumed 2.6 billion dollars, up 10.5%; or China 1.18 billion dollars, up 10% ...

    According to the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (Vitas), in addition to traditional textiles and garments, the past two years Vietnam has also increased exports of high value-added goods such as fabrics, fibers, geotextiles, textile accessories ... 

    This has made Vietnam the third largest textile and apparel exporting country in the world, and it is forecasted to reach 40 billion dollars by the end of this year, a record number.

    Textile technology welcomes technology to accelerate - Photo 2.

    Enterprises providing machinery and equipment for the textile and garment industry consider Vietnam to be a big market, with advantages in production but need to invest in technological innovation.

    Thanks to its large population of about 95 million people and its geographical location close to the world's second largest economy, Vietnam has long been a destination for textile companies seeking low production costs and Young labor force. 

    Export opportunities in this sector are assessed by potential analysts due to Vietnam's participation in many free trade agreements (FTAs), production advantages, and notably US-China tensions. , will result in the shift of orders from China to Vietnam.


    Technology elements, raw materials

    However, the textile industry is facing a series of challenges on the lack of domestic raw materials and low technology, requiring increased investment and innovation to take opportunities to shift orders from China and meet tax exemptions from FTAs. 

    To ensure sustainable development, the Vietnamese government has continuously encouraged and supported the upgrading of equipment and machinery for businesses, strengthened human resource training and promoted technological transformation.

    Accompanying with the strong growth momentum of Vietnam's textile and apparel industry, the International Exhibition of Vietnam's Textile Industry (VTG 2019), the Exhibition of Textile Machinery, Equipment and Materials (VitaTex) will take place. at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC). 

    The exhibition will take place from the upcoming 20 to 23-11 with 800 booths of 530 exhibitors representing 550 participating brands from 14 countries and territories.

    Major brands in the world promise to bring a wide range of high-performance automatic textile production machines and a range of high quality yarns, fabrics, threads, and dyes. 

    For example, ZSK, Nantex (Germany), Barudan (Japan) will bring high-resolution embroidery machine technology; 

    Tajima brings computerized embroidery machines with intelligent thread management system, along with textile screen printing brands such as Heinz Walz, OZ, Bihong, San Sin. 

    Askme will present a live demo of the optimal products, alongside Xiamen Xing-Quanlong unveiling automatic circular knitting machine with high flexibility. 

    TAK will introduce versatile cleaning solutions including dry cleaning, bagging, fabric straightening and uniforms. 

    Suppliers of high quality dye chemicals such as Eksoy, Nicca, Zschimmer & Schwarz, and 3M will also be present at VTG, ...

    Meanwhile, the brands of fabric, thread and yarn also participate in 3 international pavilions from Korea, India and Taiwan. 

    The exhibition will provide total solutions for the entire supply chain of the textile industry. 

    Visitors can access the world's latest inventions in the textile industry, access to the latest market information, and interact with key businesses from around the world.

    Textile technology welcomes technology to accelerate - Photo 3.

    The International Exhibition of Vietnam's Textile Industry (VTG) will bring comprehensive solutions for the entire supply chain of textile and apparel production.


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