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  • Monday, Day 29/06/2020
  • What is the use of tag hangers? What are the name of the tag hangers? Why do we need to use them? What products are they used for? These are the general questions of everyone about this type of wire. Therefore, this article I will share and talk about the above issues. We hope to answer the questions for everyone.

    Perhaps each of us everyone, everyone has been buying clothes, shoes, bags ... Each product when we buy will be hung 1 wire. On each string will have one or several cards, the card content includes: brand, origin, ingredients, instructions for use, price, product code ... this card is called the card and the rope used to hang the card This is called hanging tag.

    One of the hanging strings of cards

    Tag hangers also have many other names such as labels, clothing hangers, label hangers, clothing tag tags ... Depending on the area, there will be different names. The purpose of the card string is as its name implies. And the purpose of the card is to include:

    • Mark and note down the brand name, brand and origin of the product;
    • Notes the composition of the product;
    • Note instructions for use of the product;
    • The place to print the product code;
    • A place where users can see the price of that product.
    Card sizes and designs

    Commonly used fields of tag hangers are:

    • Garment industry: products such as clothes, scarves, scarves, etc. Each garment product or shirt produced is attached with a clothesline. Therefore, the demand for hanging wires today is very high.
      The tag hangers are attached on the clothes
    • Leather and footwear industry: products of footwear, backpacks, bags ... as well as clothing, every product is produced requires a label hangers. The output of products in the footwear industry is currently very high. Therefore, the demand for this product is very much.
      The tag hangers are attached on the backpack

    Through the above article, hope everyone will understand what is the tag hangers, as well as the use of clothes hangers. To contribute comments to the article, you can leave a comment right below.


    source: https://chuyendaychi.com/ 

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